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Why Catalyst Insight?

Catalyst Insight offers a powerful, intuitive, flexible and affordable way to collaboratively manage data collection and reporting. Whether you are a non-profit agency looking to monitor the local implementation of a skill-enhancing program for youth or a statewide agency looking to manage sites spread across a large geography, Catalyst Insight can fit your needs.

Built by and for Practitioners

Drawing on nearly 15 years of experience in the field, we have developed Catalyst Insight to be a user-friendly tool that removes the frustration and dread from data-tracking a task.

Insight is a powerful and intuitive cloud-based platform for data collection, statistical analysis and reporting -- built from the ground up for rapid customization and affordability for organizations on a tight budget.

Built to do Exactly What You Need

Powerful, Intuitive, Flexible, Cost Effective

We believe great software is intuitive to use.


Catalyst Insight features a clean, intuitive interface that is usable by anyone with basic computer skills. Whether you are on a desktop computer, laptop, phone, or tablet, Catalyst Insight scales to your view and makes program management easier than ever. With the ability to send automated reminders, post messages globally or to specific users, and share key documents, Catalyst Insight puts a great set of features in one place. We believe great software is intuitive to use.


Catalyst Insight features a set of tools that allows for data entry, reporting, task assignment, automated reminders, and more. Catalyst Insight can help managers and practitioners ensure that data are submitted properly and on time. Additionally, Catalyst Insight offers unlimited user levels to ensure that each user sees information that is appropriate and pertinent for their daily work.


Perhaps the largest barrier to using technology for systematically collecting data and tracking program progress is cost. At Catalyst Insight, we believe that technology should be accessible by everyone – from small non-profits to large organizations. We will work with you to create a cost-effective solution to your organization’s needs.


No matter the number of metrics, sites, or users you wish to track, Catalyst Insight can scale to your needs. Our developers and designers have worked on projects (what types of projects?) large and small over the past fifteen years, giving Catalyst Insight the much-needed connection between practice and technology. Catalyst Insight is built by and for practitioners.

Stuffed full of Amazing Features

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Customized Tasks

Customized User Roles

Automatic Reports

Statistical Analysis

Automatic Reminder Email

Share Files

Intuitive UI



Modern Security

Responsive Design

Built for People

Who We Are

Catalyst Insight was founded as a different kind of company – one that bridges the gap between practice and technology. Too often, online data entry and reporting platforms are more cumbersome than convenient. We designed Insight to be accessible and useful to daily practice. Instead of spending time learning, spend time doing – with Catalyst Insight.

Dan Fontaine, PhD

Dan has spent over two decades as a software developer. He is an expert in operations research and has extensive and wide-ranging experience in software engineering, including web development, mobile app development, programming language development, artificial intelligence and computer security. Dan holds a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

Meghan Guinnee, PhD

Meghan has served as an evaluator or consultant on a number of health and education projects. Her specialties include quality improvement – assisting clients in making data-driven changes that lead to better outcomes and efficiencies – and quantitative evaluation methods and analysis. Meghan holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Dan Webb, PhD

Dan has over fourteen years of experience writing and evaluating local, state, and national grants. In addition, he has over nine years of experience in business/organizational intelligence and analytics. His experience includes evaluation and research in education (elementary through post-secondary), youth substance use prevention, health and medicine, and housing and urban development. Dan holds a PhD in Sociology from the University at Buffalo.